Schema Theory & Reading Comprehension


Schema theory influences educators’ perceptions of reading and provides a practical explanation of how cognitive reading processes work for children and others (McVee, Dunsmore, & Gavelek, 2005, p. 534). Schema is shaped by culture (McVee, Dunsmore, & Gavelek, 2005, p. 535). Individual cognitive development is linked to cultural interaction. Schema theory emphasizes the individual cognitive processes (McVee, Dunsmore, & Gavelek, 2005, p. 532). Schema theory assists teachers in understanding how individual knowledge is organized and the routines that young children utilize in learning to read. It is a powerful tool in understanding reading comprehension.


McVee, M., Dunsmore, K., & Gavelek, J. (2005). Schema theory revisited. Review of Educational Research, 75(4), 531-566.

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